Best Brands of Chainsaws

Best Brands of Chainsaws

In the hunt for the best brands of chainsaws, a few contender’s rise above the chaff as bright & shining examples of quality, resilience, good customer service and dependability.  Most of the world seems to be stuck between two different brands (one of them is Husky, well let you guess the other).  But there are many other good quality chainsaws on the market that deserve our attention, if not more.

When it comes down to finding a good chain saw brand, one of two notions are usually on their minds.

  • Price.  Most of us are on a budget and we need the best quality at the lowest price.  With chain saws you usually get what you pay for.  Once you start getting into the higher price tiers with most brands of chain saws there is not always a big difference in quality, most of the time it comes down to brand loyalty.
  • Type Of Job.  Are you a professional logger or an arborist?  Maybe you are hunting for the best chainsaw for cutting firewood on the weekend’s, or maybe you just need a chainsaw for occasional around the house use.  Some brands of chain saws are better suited for a particular type of job, while others are better for casual jobs.

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Poulan Chainsaws

Poulan has a variety of chain saws that come with exceptional features at a great price. Poulan chainsaws are ideal for landowners, homeowners and property managers. They have an automatic chain oiler, a clean air filtration system with less maintenance and extended engine life and easy to start system. Gas Poulan chainsaws are ideal for cutting medium sized trees and storm clean up. The Automatic gear driven oiler offers consistent lubrication to the bar when the chain is turning. They are standard and have a soft grip and an anti-vibration handle that lessens fatigue for massive jobs.

Pros: they are lightweight designed for quick and easy jobs

Cons: do not contain a battery and multipack indicator.

WORX Chainsaws

WORX chain saws varieties are excellent for trimming trees, cutting firewood, clearing bush and many more uses. They are designed with a built-in safety brake to stop the chain in seconds to help protect the operator in case of a kickback when improper contact is made. Its bar nose has a sprocket that is easy to lubricate to help maintain the life of the machine. These machines have an ergonomic full-wrap front handle and a large rubber over molded rear handle that provide maximum control and comfort to the user. The automatic oiler offers consistent lubrication to both the chain and the bar with an oil level indicator. Electric WORX chain saws do not produce any toxic emissions making them safe to operate with if you have health related issues due to the fumes the gas powered saws give off. They come with an auto-tensioning system, and a tool-free chain replacement assures the user that the chain blade is secure and tight.

Pros: they are lightweight and robust for quick and easy jobs.

Cons: The location of the motor and jaw structure makes it difficult and cumbersome to make neat cuts in tight spaces within the tree.

Black & Decker Chainsaws

Black & Decker has evolved from a tiny shop to the quality chainsaws they manufacture. These chainsaws perform an efficient and reliable job. They have exceptional features that will make big jobs easier to handle. The wrap-around soft-grip handle provides numerous gripping positions to make simple cuts at any angle. It offers flexibility to prevent fatigue to the operator. It also has an 8-inch reduced kickback bar and low kickback chain that provides excellent control for both hard and soft wood. This helps to carry out different cutting jobs safely and confidently. They also come with a lock-off switch that prevent accidental start up. The electric ones release no poisonous emissions in the yard.

Pros: they are lightweight weighing slightly over 5 pounds making it easy to operate and work within the tightest areas with a lot of ease.

Cons: the battery runs out very quickly, poor charger (some electric models)

Husqvarna Chainsaws

Husqvarna saws are world renowned for having powerful and professional quality saws. They are easy to start and operate with the Smart Start and fuel pump. They have an X-Torq engine that reduces fuel consumption and lowers emission levels but still provides the power needed for the most difficult jobs. They are all designed to fit the needs of homeowners, ranchers, farmers and professional loggers. Each and every unit is tested by the manufacturer.  In our opinion, Husquvarna’s have the best professional chainsaw on the market.

Pros: They are light with little vibration making them easy to use.

Cons: It is difficult to start and does not stay running for long. It also leaks bar oil.

Remington Chainsaws

Remington chainsaws are useful for trimming, cutting and felling trees or firewood and most come fully assembled. They have low noise and air pollution making them environmentally friendly. They have an easy to use screw that helps to tension the equipment accurately in a few seconds. They are lightweight designs with only 9 lbs. They have hand guards in the front and the back for security purposes, a push-button oiler, a trigger lock-out, a low-kickback bar and power cord.

Pros: is great for heavy duty cutting jobs.

Cons: Can’t Handle Hardwoods, the chain comes off at times and the Starter is hard to push.

Choosing the right saw for the job is crucial. Whether the work is commercial or residential, there is always a saw for the job. One can opt for either Gas-Powered or Electric Chainsaws among the ones explained above.

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  1. I am surprised that you haven’t mentioned the Echo Timberwolf. I have an owned about 10 chainsaws. Big Homelite and Macs, in their day as well as Stihl and Husqvarna. I have yet to find a better saw for cutting serious firewood then the Echo TimberWolf for the money. It has a 5 year warranty, power is comparable to a Stihl 362, and is available for $399. Smaller Echo saws are good as well.

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