Top Echo Chainsaw Reviews

Top Echo Chainsaw Reviews

Echo has produced some of the best professional commercial and home owner power tools for the last 40 years.  They started out with a simple knapsack duster and soon expanded to brush cutters.  In 1981 they entered the chainsaw market with a power full 2 cylinder opposed chain saw.  Since then Echo has added several different power tools to their arsenal, for both the home owner and professional’s alike.  In our endeavor to bring you the best here at Pro Chainsaw Authority, we have hand selected the best echo chainsaw reviews that our reviewers have written.

16 in. 58-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Electric Cordless Chainsaw

At $598 dollars, this cordless battery operated chainsaw offers both power and durability. This power tool was built for doing more aggressive cutting such as larger tree trunks and staying mobile while still be electric. What makes this product a great buy is that there is a 90-day money-back guarantee, a 5-year consumer warranty, and a 2-year commercial warranty.

This particular item also comes with features such as an automatic oiler. The automatic oiler offers a longer chain life. Another big and important feature of this chain saw is that it is comfortable to use. This chainsaw includes a wrap around handle that makes it easy to cut through tree trunks without clenching or hurting the hand. The fact that this brand has an inertia chain brake makes this brand optimal. This chainsaw will be both durable and last for a long life span.

Echo CS-400 18″ 40.2cc Gas Chainsaw

This gas saw is a light weight tool that can be used for backyard chores. The chain is easily removable and adjustable that makes it easy to fix if anything is stuck inside. There is also a removable air filter which is necessary for cleaning.  This is a gas powered model. 

This chainsaw is one of the highest rated saws on our list and for good reason. This chainsaw is a great firewood chain saw and can do well felling trees. This product is not only easy to handle but also easy to start up.  At an inexpensive price ($369  dollars), this Echo saw is a great mid level saw. This chainsaw is also incredibly light weight and easy to maneuver, which can keep your arms and back from getting sore.

Echo CS-600P Gas Chainsaw, 20 Inch

The great chainsaw not only improves performance ability but it also has a professional-grade 59.8 cc gas engine that ensures power for even the most stubborn wood. This is the most powerfull saw on the list, coming in at around $699 dollars.

Other features of this chainsaw include a clutch-driven oiler that reduces oil consumption over all. This particular product is even better than some of the other leading chainsaw brand names in the chainsaw industry. This product is also incredibly easy to maneuver with the hands. Another positive is how durable this chainsaw is. This saw also comes with a decompression valve, which you release right before starting, it makes starting the chain saw so much easier.

Overall a fantastic saw that can be used semi-professionally or for those firewood weekend warriors.

Echo CS-370 16″ Gas Chainsaw

The durability and power about this chainsaw is incredible. Not only is this chainsaw powerful (36.3 cc power boost), but it also has fewer emissions.  This is a gas powered saw. Another great feature of this saw is that prior to the dirt meeting the air filtration system, the engine pre-cleaner will spin out any of the dirt. Sold at a lower price ($387 dollars), we would definitely recommend this power tool to others.

This saw is well-balanced and very light to use that the arms will not be left sore. When the chainsaw is used, it burns clean and cuts logs or tree trunks easily with no hassle. Not only does this chainsaw start up quickly but the endurance is excellent. At an affordable price, this chainsaw is definitely worth the price.  This chainsaw as ranked number 2 just behind Stihl, for good reason.

Echo CS-450 Gas Chainsaw, 18 Inch

With a professional grade engine (45 cc) this saw is an ideal choice to those who are in need of a high quality. This chainsaw is a clutch driven oiler which saves oil in the long run.  At an affordable price of $369 dollars, this chainsaw is both durable and long lasting.

Features on this chainsaw include an engine ignition timer that improves the performance of the saw. Long life is also assured with the chainsaw because of the of the engine pre-cleaner that throws away any dirt before it hits the air filters. This particular chainsaw is of high quality.  This power tool will be able to cut through logs and tree trunks like butter without stopping or giving out.

Echo is known for making great power tools and among those are chainsaws.  Helpfully these Echo chainsaw reviews will give you enough information to make a good purchase decision.