Best Fiskar Pole Saw

Best Fiskar Pole Saw

Need to prune a few dead branches from the trees on your property? Don’t want to mess with an electric or dirty gas powered tree trimmer? I usually opt for the non-powered pole saws. I don’t like the fumes that the gas saws give off or the bar and chain oil that goes with them. I would rather not be bothered with a cord either, many pole saws are now electric. No, sometimes the job calls for simplicity and nothing is simpler than a basic pole saw.   Currently the best made non powered saw is a Fiskar pole saw.

Standard pole saws have come a long way in technology and Fiskar seems to be leading the pack. While a lot of pole trimmers are as simple as a saw being stuck at the end of a stick, Fiskar uses a Power-Lever technology that gives you the leverage to provide up to 2 times more cutting power for smaller branches.

These pole saws also have a rounded blade that allows you to better cut a branch and reduces binding or sticking of the blade.  There is a pole saw for just about every ones need.

Fiskars 8-16 Foot Power Lever Extendable Tree Pruner

This pole saw allows you to cut anywhere between 8 to 16 foot high branches, without a ladder.  This is one of the longest tree branch pruners on the market.  Because this saw allows you to cut so high, always be sure that you are never standing under the branch you are trying to cut, always stand to the side.  With a pole this long standing to the side should not be a problem.

Our favorite aspect of this pole saw, like many other Fiskar products, is the Power Lever.  Being able to just chew through a branch is very satisfying.  But even if you can’t use the Power Lever, the WoodZig saw is there to traditionally saw a branch down.

Our biggest complain came right along with one of the best features of the saw, the height.  The saw is made of aluminum and when fully extended to 16 feet can be a bit of a struggle when trying to use the Power Lever.  Also it can be a bit tedious trying to get the saw in place, which is to be expected with a pole saw this long.

Currently this pole saw is retailing for about $77 dollars and is our current top pick for Fiskar Pole Saws.

Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Tree Pruner

With a reach of 14 feet we don’t have to worry about trying to balance on a ladder when pruning a branch.  This saw comes with a 15 inch blade allowing us to cut very large branches.  The Power-Lever allows us to cut up to about an inch in diameter.  If you live in town and or have smaller trees on the property, this is a great saw to have.

The price is not too bad either, hovering right about $55 dollars on sale.  Storage was a snap, after being fully collapsed the pole saw measured about 7 feet.  Easily hung on a wall for fast retrieval.

This is not just a simple saw on a stick, the power-lever is what makes these Fiskars stand out on the market and this model is no different.  Our only concern was the plastic connector used when adding the extension.  If in a hurry it could easily be snapped.  Other than that, not a bad pole saw for the money.

Fiskars Low Profile 12-Foot Tree Pruner

This Fiskar tree saw is an excellent middle of the road type of saw.  Measuring up to about 12 feet you can get to most branches, although anything higher and you will need a ladder.

The extension is telescopic, which means that the pole fits inside the master pole.  A quick release allows you to extent the pull fully to 12 feet. Its kind of like submarine periscope.

The price of this saw sits right around $58 dollars.  The 14 Foot Fiskar pruner is almost the same price, so what is different?  Pole quality!  This pruner is really well built and you will not have to worry about it bending at full length.

Our biggest complaint is the saw blade.  For how well the pole is engineered a little more development time could have gone into the blade.  It’s a little flimsy but not a huge deal breaker.

Fiskars Compact Extending Tree Pruner, 8-Inch

The cheapest pruner on our list costing right around $33 dollars.  This pole can only reach 8 feet, but can be broken down to cut branches 3 feet out.  Not a bad pole saw if you’re needing to cut branches closer to the ground.  Unlike the other pole saws on this list which are very long, a smaller pole saw such as this, is easier to work with for lower hanging branches.

The pole itself is very strong as is the blade.  Be sure you have your pole sawing technique down or you can easily get the branch stuck on the teeth of the saw.

Becuase of the size you are able to get better leverage which allows you to cut faster.  If you have a bunch of smaller trees that need pruning, this is a great saw to have.

Fiskar Pole Saw Replacement Saw Blades

Even the best pole saw blades will dull from time to time.  Also, some blades are just engineered better than others.  One of the  biggest complaints people have when it comes to pruning trees is the blade sticking or binding on the branch.  If you have this problem it could be due to your sawing technique or saw itself.  If it is the saw, you’re in luck because this 15 inch saw blade was built to help reduce binding on the branches.

This blade cuts fast.  We cut through a two inch oak branch in just a couple strokes.

You can pick these blades up for about $10 dollars.  You should always have a spare on hand just in case your main blade breaks is becomes dull at an in-appropriate time.

If you need a good tree trimming saw without the fuss that electric and gas powered trimmers give, then Fiskar pole saws are the way to go.  Be safe and never saw a branch while you are directly beneath it, always stand at an angle.