Best Pole Saw for The Money

Best Pole Saw for The Money

We currently live on a couple of acres of property that consists of a mixture of pine, fir, madrone and oak trees. I love the smell of the pine and fir trees during the summer. In our front yard we have a beautiful 100 foot pine tree which was fantastic to look at when we first moved in, not so much now.   The tree has not been trimmed in over 20 years, which means most of the dead branches droop down in around the live green branches. We called a tree trimmer service and they quoted us $300 to trim tree. There is no way I could afford that, not when I could do it myself. I am on a budget so finding the best pole saw for the money is a priority.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? This post will help you find the right pole saw for your needs and budget.  Luckily there are several good options out there. There are three main kinds of pole saws that you can get. Electric, gas powered or manual pole saws.

GreenWorks 6.5 Amp 8-Inch Corded Pole Saw w/Case

A pole saw that comes with a case!  We thought that was pretty cool.  This pole saw is a plug in model.  With extensions, this saw can reach about 8 feet.  That’s pretty short, but makes it well suited for lower hanging branches.  If you do need to cut higher branches you will have to use a ladder and with a power cord is a bit more dangerous than just trying to saw straight from the ground.

This pole saw is not the most powerful saw on our list but will allow you to cut 1 to 2 inch diameter branches with ease.

The four year warranty offered on this model just about makes up for any other short comings it does have.

This saw is the least expensive on our list coming in at around $65 dollars.  Its a great budget pole saw.

Earthwise 6-Amp Electric Telescopic Pole Saw with 3-Position Head, 8-Inch

This is a corded electric pole saw that needs to be plugged into work.  It can reach up to about 9 feet using a telescopic pole.

The best feature of this saw that sets it apart from all the other pole saws we have looked at, is that the saw head is adjustable between 0, 15 and 30 degrees.  This neat innovation allows better leverage when trying to cut branches from high in a tree.

The biggest draw back for this pole saw is how heavy it is.  It is a powerful saw running a 6 amp motor.  Weighing in at just about 9 pounds does not seem like a lot, but it feels like all the weight is in its head which makes maneuverability an issue.

For the budget minded, $83 dollarsfor this pole saw is not bad.  There are better saws at about the same price but none that we found that has the adjustable head.

TrimmerPlus Pole Saw with 8-Inch Bar and Chain

I own one of these and can say that it is well worth the $99 asking price.  This pole saw can reach up about 12 feet which is just barely high enough for me to trim the branches we are concerned about on our property.  This is a gas powered saw.

This is an add on pole saw!   That means you must already have the bottom (motor) for this to work.  The good news is this fits on many brand of trimmer engines.  Check with your manufacture to make sure this will fit on your engine.

The only problem I have had with this saw is that the bar and chain reservoir leaks.  It’s a very slow leak but enough where I need to place a piece of cardboard under it in the garage.

Gilmour 16-Inch Curved Blade Commercial Grade Pole Saw With Fiberglasss Handle

Second cheapest on our list at about $70 dollars.  This is not a powered pole saw but a traditional saw on stick.  You will never have to worry about gas, fumes or electricity.  This pole saw uses the traditional pull and tug to rip through those branches.

With three attachment’s this pole saw can reach up to about 18 feet, which is the highest we have looked at.  If used right the blade is sharp enough to take off smaller branches in a couple of saws.  If you do plan on using this saw at its full length, it can start to get difficult to handle.  Use caution.

One of the biggest draw backs of this unit is that you have to attach the blade your self which involves drilling holes into the fiber glass pole.

You have several choices when it comes to buying a pole sole, especially if you are on a budget. Finding the best pole saw for the money is not difficult if you know what to look for. All three types of pole saws (electric, gas, manual) can be helpful in most tree trimming situations.