Best Pole Trimmers for Trees

Best Pole Trimmers for Trees

Trees are very beneficial not only for your property but also the environment. Ensuring they stay in optimal health should be a priority. Pruning trees from time to time is important to the trees health and the overall attributed look they give your property.

Trimming a tree should not be done lightly, as it will affect the trees growing pattern. With that said diseased, dead and weak branches should be trimmed off to keep your tree as healthy as possible. The general rule of thumb is to always trim your trees before the spring growth rush. Whatever the case, you will need some decent pole trimmers to prune properly.

Three types of Pole Saws that you can use for trimming your trees:

  1. Electric. These come in two flavors, either corded or battery operated.
  2. Gas Powered. These kind of trimmers also come in two different forms, either as an attachment to an existing piece of equipment (weed eater) or as its own encapsulated unit.
  3. Manual Pole Saws. The simplest of the three, these pole saws usually consist of an actual saw at the end of a very long stick. Does not get much simpler than these.

Husqvarna 24.5cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered 13-Foot Telescopic Pole Saw

If you are looking for the best pole trimmer for your trees, then this monster is it.  At $599 dollars, this is a professional grade pole saw.  It uses a telescopic pole which allows it to be extending out 13 feet.  This is a gas powered pole saw.

The bar size is 12 inches, along with a 24.5 cc motor that will allow you to cut through branches up to 12 inches without much trouble.  This unit is shipped with a 1/4″ chain instead of a standard 3/8″.  We would recommend upgrading to a higher quality chain asap, since most OEM chains are of poor quality.

While not a very heavy tree trimmer, it still comes with a harness which helps distribute the weight.  If you plan on using this pole saw for an extended amo of time it is recommended to use the harness, although some people do claim that it get in the way.

Overall this is an amazing pole saw for tree trimming.  If you can afford it, its great investment.

Remington Maverick 8-Inch 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Pole Saw

This pole saw is a gas powered saw.  Currently selling for about $179 dollars.  It is a great mid level trimmer for trees.  It has a reach of about 14 feet which will allow you to get at just about any low hanging branch you come across.  It is a little heavier than some of the other gas pole saw, weighing in at about 13 pounds.

The coolest aspect of this pole saw is that you can attach other accessories to it.  It can become an edger, blower, weed eater and more.  Its a great value saw for what it can do.

One of the draw backs for this pole saw is the chain.  It comes with a low kick back chain which is fantastic for safety, but will dull much faster than a non OEM chain.  If you need a little more cutting power, we recommend upgrading to a higher quality chain.

Ryobi 6 Amp Pole Chainsaw

This saw is an electric plug in tree trimmer.  More powerful than the Ryobi cordless pole saw, the 6 amp electric motor  can cut through a lot of the same types of branches, cleaner and with less noise.  Electric pole saws are also much lighter and easier to handle.  This pole saw is the cream of the crop when it comes to electrical tree trimmers.

This saw has a telescopic pole which makes it simple to extend it up to about 9 feet.  If you need to get at any branches higher than that you and will need a ladder.

Overall a fantastic alternative to the traditional gas powered pole saw. You can get one for about $142 dollars.

Silky Telescoping Landscaping Pole Saw HAYAUCHI 390 21-Feet

If you are looking for a non electrical, non gas powered tree trimmer, this is a great alternative.  It can be extended up to 25 feet allowing you to get branches only reserved for those who own cherry pickers.  This is an insane pole saw.

What is even more amazing is how much it weighs.  Its so light, only weighing about 7 pounds when in use.  The only draw back we found is that when the pole is at its greatest length it can be hard to control, but anything extend out over 25 feet will be hard to control.

This is one of the best non powered quality saw poles you will come across.  You can find one for about $270 dollars.

Husqvarna 28cc 10-Inch Detachable Pole Saw

This Husqvarna pole saw (gas powered) is another great mid level tree trimming saw for those on a budget, but still want the best.  They cost around $260 dollars.  It comes with a detachable pole saw which means you can attach other accessories to it.  It can be extended up to 9 feet, which is not huge but great for lower hanging branches (unless you have a boom lift of some kind).

For a gas powered tree trimmer its light, weighing in around 11 pounds.  With this saw you will be able to cut branches up to about 6 inches thick, 3 inches easily.

The only complaint we had was that while it did start up quickly, it does take a bit of time to warm up.  If you don’t let it warm up it will die on you.

There are lots of options when it comes to finding the right pole trimmers for trees. We tried to cover the best of the best from each category of pole saw; electric, gas and manual.

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  1. Ryobi is a piece of trash. Bought one and took it back the same day. You cannot detach the power head to use otherwise. This is a huge negative. Putting it together was miserable. Don’t waste your time and effort on this. It is not worth it. You will wind up doing as I did–taking it back.

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