Best Rated Professional Chainsaws

Best Rated Professional Chainsaws

Working out in the woods for a living, cutting down and bucking trees I need the best rated professional chainsaws available to get the job done.  I’ve done cheap and on a budget before and it does not work, may for some jobs, but not when your cutting all day.  You need the best.  On this page we have listed the best of the best for professional chains now available.

These chainsaws are quite powerful, they need to be for professional use.  Always make sure you use the proper safety gear such as a hard hat with face shield and ear protection.

Whether you are professional logger (as I hail from) or a professional landscaper, you should never have to settle for mediocrity.


Tanaka 32.2cc 14-Inch Top Handle Chain Saw with Pure Fire Engine

Providing durability, high performance, low cost, and added comfort to the user are all features of the Tanaka TCS33EDTP/14. The 32.2cc Pure Fire engine is powerful and reliable while still giving back to the user with low emissions and fuel efficiency.

The Sprocket Nose bar keeps heat down, providing less blade wear and smoother cutting while the Oregon chain’s steel alloy ensures high durability and performance, especially in cold weather conditions.

However, this chainsaw is not just for professionals. The comfort and ease of use also make it a great choice for the home or hobby user. With a half throttle choke and purge primer bulb for easy start and warm up, and automatic oiling, its simple to use. Add in the vibration reduction, built in lanyard ring, and lighter weight and this chainsaw is perfect for everyone.  This chain saw as made to withstand commercial use, while giving the comfort and ease of use a home owner craves.


Makita 50cc Professional Chain Saw for Lawn, 20-Inch

Built for durability and power, this chainsaw will not disappoint. The 3.9 HP 50cc engine gives the power a professional would need. The high RPM with fast acceleration gives smoother cutting, improving safety and ease of use. The magnesium engine housing adds to the durability without adding to the weight. The ease of use is enhanced even more with less pull resistance on the recoil start and rounded edges for easy cleaning.

With so much packed into less then 12 pounds, this 20 inch saw is still extremely versatile for use at one’s home or at their work. It maintains the power and durability that professionals need, while providing enough comfort to reduce fatigue and increase productivity. The ease of use and light weight also make it a good choice for the home user as well, while giving them extra power to tackle larger projects.


Husqvarna 550XP Autotune (18″) 50cc Professional Gas Chain Saw

This Husqvarna professional chainsaw has all the features a professional or home user would want. With a powerful and durable 3.75 HP 50cc engine it can reach incredible RPMs for smoother easier cutting. It’s Smart Start Recoil Starter along with it’s combined start/stop control are designed to increase comfort and decrease the amount of effort and time needed to start the machine.

The ease of use and low maintenance, is increased drastically by the air filter system, auto tune system, low vibrations, and ease of access to essential parts, resulting in less time spent on changing chain tension and oil flow along with other parts. Durability is still seen in the chainsaw with the heavy duty magnesium engine casing for it’s protection.

This chainsaw is as powerful as others, but provides higher ease of use for both professionals and hobbyists, along with low maintenance functions.  This is our personal favorite of the list.


EcoPro Tools Professional Cordless Electric Chain Saw, 40-volt

This ion battery powered chainsaw offers easy use with no emissions or gas. The 40 volt high performance motor provides power that won’t decrease as the battery drains while thermal protection increases the durability of the motor.

This chainsaw will start with the pull of the trigger asking for almost no effort of the user. Being electric means this saw is quiet and has very little vibrations for easy use and little fatigue. The 10 inch blade provides smooth cutting and durability. This electric saw also provides low maintenance features like the tool free adjustments, automatic bar and chain oiler, and fewer moving parts. This chain saw provides easy use, maintenance, and comfort to the user that a gas powered saw never could.


Husqvarna 562XP 60cc Professional Chainsaw Saw

This chainsaw is designed for the best professional use.  The 60cc engine provides super fast speeds up to 9600 RPMs which, when combined with their RevBoost technology accelerate faster for easy cutting. The ease of use is enhanced by features like the auto tune technology, air injection, low vibrations, combined choke/stop control, smart start, and air purge. These features make it easier to start the machine as well as reduce time spent on adjustments.

This model also includes several safety features including the inertia activated chain brake to reduce chance of injury. This chainsaw is ideal for the professional user, offering ease of use and comfort for increased productivity, and the power to get the job done while offering extra safety measures to keep them safe.

These are some amazing chain saws that can be used in several different fields for many different purposes.  We believe these are the best rated professional chainsaws on the market right now, worth every penny.

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