Chainsaw Sharpening Tools

Chainsaw Sharpening Tools

Using the right chainsaw sharpening tools can save you a lot of money and time in the long run.  Having a good quality chainsaw chain helps as well.  If you are using a poor quality chain then you will find your self having to sharpen your chain saw more often, which takes time that you don’t have.

The problem that happens with most people when they try to manually sharpen their chain saw chains is they end up doing it wrong which does more damage than good.  It can take time to properly learn how to hold the sharpener to the chain and know when to keep going and when to stop.  Fortunately if your like me and have a hard time with sharpening your chain saw chain, there are many great tools no the market that help with doing it right and not messing up your chain.

Buffalo Tools ECSS Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

This is a top of the line modern miracle and our current top pick.  Its currently rated number one on Amazon for a good reason. You will no longer need to haul your chainsaw down to the hardware store to restore your chain’s bite quickly and without much fuss. Like all mechanical devices, chainsaws have a mobile chain of wood biters that wear down over time. This renders the chainsaw useless. But with this electric chainsaw sharpener, you can keep the chain razor sharp. It is best mounted in a garage or shop area, but not really the right sharpener to take out into the woods.

With a spin rate of 4,200 RPM, this sharpener hones each chain tooth smooth and sharp. Best of all, it is electric, plug it into the regular electrical socket and grind away. It comes with some bits, but we recommend replacing the standard ones with diamond burr bits. The regular bits do work fine, it just seems like the diamond bits put a lot less strain on the electric motor.

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Granberg Bar-Mount Chain Saw Sharpener

The Problem: The first chain most people ever sharpen every tooth on is usually done with a hand file.  Manually sharpening your chainsaw cutting chain with a file is a cheap way to save money, but unless you know how to do it properly you can damage your chain.  Every half cycle the saw will hang a tiny bit. This is usually because not all the teeth were sharpened at the same angle. There was nothing to keep the file angled right.

The Solution: If your like me and use a file to sharpen your chainsaw cutting  chain but have a hard time keeping the file at the right angle, then this made in the USA Granberg bar-mount sharpener is the answer. It was the very first bar-mounted chainsaw tooth sharpener and it is still available today. Keep the file updated to a sharp one and firmly bolted on. With each tooth exactly sharpened at a particular angle, your chain will stay sharper longer and save you money in the long run.

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Timber Tuff 12-Volt Portable Electric Chain Saw Chain Sharpener

The beauty of this electrical chain sharpener is that you can take it into the woods with you, as long as you have you car with you.  Just clip the red alligator clip to the red battery terminal, and the black to the black. Hold the handle tightly and turn it on. The very high speed 12 volt electric motor has a self-cooling fan. It has angle guides that adjust from 20° to 30°.  We recommend using only diamond bits with this sharpener.

This electrical sharpener is a real life safer if your out in the middle of the woods and need to re-sharpen your blade quickly.   This comes very highly praised and one of the highest reviews on Amazon.

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Oregon 5/32-Inch Chain Saw File

Oregon sharpening files are considered some of the top rated files on the market. The Oregon file removes more dull edge than other brands. In fact Oregon files are still aggressively sharpening at the point other files are ready for the round file. One reason for this is the very fine steel these files are manufactured from. These are ideal sharpening files for chainsaw blades. The filing action if smooth, it does not cause any clogs and generally has a diameter of 5/32nd of an inch.

Even if you have got used to using an electric sharpener, it never hurts to have one of these in your tool box as a secondary backup.

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Anytime Tools 3/16″ Diamond Chainsaw Sharpener Burr 1/8″ Shank, 4 Pack

This replacement chainsaw sharpener burr bit is a feat of modern engineering. The quality is quite superior, incorporating diamonds onto the cutting surface. It will fit most rotary tool shanks. They come four to an order. Their Grit rating is 120 – 150. They are 1.75″ in length, 0.1875″ diameter, and shank handle is 0.125″ diameter. In general, believe it or not, these are the best investment you can make into keeping your chainsaw healthy and running smoothly.

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Working with a dull cutting chain will drain your energy fast.  Taking the time to try to sharpen it manually without having the technique down can just cause frustrations and lost time.  Sometimes it is easier to go with an electrical sharper instead of a manual.  But if you are old school or want to save some money, ensuring you have the right round files can be just as important.

Using the right chainsaw sharpening tools to keep your cutting chain sharp will end up saving you a lot of time and money in the long run.  If you are still using the OEM chain that came with your chainsaw, its time to upgrade!  Most factory chains are made to reduce kickback, which generally means they dull very easily.  If your going to take the time to sharpen your saw, do it with a quality chain and appropriate tools!