Hard Hat with Face Shield and Ear Muffs

Hard Hat with Face Shield and Ear Muffs

Whether you are using a chain saw, a weed trimmer or building a new bed frame, if you want to keep your good looks, hearing and brain working at maximum efficiency your going to need a good hard hat with face shield and ear muffs for safety.  After my last weed-eater experience I am thinking about adding some kind of shin guards to that list as well.

The big question is how to buy these?  Is it better to buy them all at once part of a package or will you find better quality trying to Frankenstein the best of the best from available brands?  In most cased you will be better off with your time and money just focusing on buying everything at once as a single unit.  The good news is that if you buy them all at once as a package, all those items are usually built into one another so you will never have to worry about loosing any one piece.

Husqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet System

This fantastic unit is at the top of our list and our current pick.  It’s also a the best selling on Amazon right now for good reason.  If you want quality this is it.  If you’re looking for a set that will not break your budget, this is it.

Husqvarna is known for its quality chain saws but it seems like very product they produce drips with quality and high praise from their loyal customer base.  This safety chain saw helmet kit is no different.


  • The ear muffs offer up to 25 dB protection.  They are very comfortable and do not rub on the ears.
  • The helmet was built as a one size fits ‘most’.  Emphasis on the ‘most’
  • Helmet is colored with a new Hi-Viz orange color for safety.
  • Hard hat includes UV-protection.
  • Includes a rain neck protector.
  • Super Light!  Only 2.3 pounds.
  • Face shield is made of metal coated in Nylon


  • Face shield could be a little bigger, may not cover all face sizes
  • Still have to wear some sort of safety goggles for the best eye protection

Current price of the Husqvarna ProForest Helmet System


Chainsaw Protective Safety Helmet Hard Hat / Ear Muffs / Face Shield

This set is made by Stens, a company that specializes in quality replacement and original parts.  If you can think of it, they carry it.  One of the products they produce is this outstanding chainsaw protective helmet unit.  This is the second highest rated currently on Amazon.

Like most of the units on this list, the face shield, ear muffs and helmet are all attached.  The helmet incorporates a basic ratchet adjustment to size it to your head.  The ear muffs meet ANSI S12.42 NRR28 regulations.


  • Helmet designed to fit most head sizes
  • Face shield is made up of a nylon mesh
  • Comes in bright orange
  • Great combination for the price
  • Second highest rated on Amazon
  • Weighs about 2.2 pounds


  • Does not include a chin strap, which may be a problem for some people
  • Assembly is required, instructions could be a little more helpful.

Current price of the Stens Chainsaw Protective Helmet Unit


Makita Commercial Grade Landscaping Combo Helmet with Orange Hard Hat, Face Screen, and Earmuff

This model is focused more on the professional landscaper than the woodsman.  Makita was founded in 1915 and has since specialized in professional and consumer power tools.  Creating great quality helmet, ear muff and face screen combinations is among their repertoire.  **Some of the items shipped are distributed by Tasco.

This particular model is an all in one unit where all the pieces are interconnected (like most on this list), which makes storage a snap.   It weighs about 3 pounds, which is a littler heavier than some of the other helmets on this list.  The face shield is made of an aluminum mesh, you will still need to wear safety goggles.


  • Great set for the price.
  • Set can be put together without tools.  Its all snap fit.


  • Because of the incorporated design of the attached ear muffs, they don’t cover your ears as well as they should.
  • Some complaints about assembly.  Your mileage will vary with experience.

Current price of the Makita Landscaping Combo Helmet System


ERB Chain Saw Safety Kit

Another very high rated helmet, face shield and ear muff, this unit also comes with anti fog goggles and a chin strap.  This product is made by ERB, who specialize in safety products, so you know you are getting quality with experience.  The helmet is engineered as a one size fits all.  Overall weight of the unit is about 2.8 pounds, which is a littler heavier than the other top brands in our list.  This unit also comes with a six month warranty.  Some assembly is required (very small amount).


  • The face mesh shield is made of steel.  Its coated with a special epoxy to help reduce glare.
  • The helmet is an Omega II helmet
  • There is an attachments for visors, which helps keep the sun out of your eyes.
  • Is on multiple best seller lists on Amazon.
  • 28 dB ear muffs


  • Great for occasional use, not to be used professionally

Current price of the ERB Chain Saw Safety Kit


TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection System

This is a great safety unit for professional loggers, landscapers, professional arborist’s or weekend firewood warriors.  This unit comes with a safety helmet, protective ear muffs, a visitor to keep the sun out of your years and a mesh visitor for safety.  As a whole, it weighs about 2.6 pounds which in the middle from all the other units we looked at.  Comes in either black or yellow color.


  • Fits head sizes from 20″ to 24.5″.
  • Face mesh can be changed out
  • All parts are CE and ANSI approved
  • Currently rated 4 our of 5 stars on Amazon, in multiple best selling categories.


  • Could be a little cooler

Current price of the TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet System


When you are shopping for power equipment staying within a budget is forefront in your mind.  But when it comes to safety equipment only the best will do, if you go cheap then your defeating the purpose for the equipment itself.  You are your own best asset and you should ensure you the best quality hard hat with face shield and ear muffs safety gear for all your different tasks, hobbies and work.