How Does A Come Along Work

How Does A Come Along Work

Working out in the woods or fixing a fence on the old farm requires many tools to get the job done right and safely.  No other tool has been so beneficial of turning a two man job into a one man job than a come along.  If you are already familiar with when to use a come along, the next thing you may ask your self is how does a come along work?  This article will dive into that aspect from the perspective of working in the woods.

Leverage Is Your Friend

Almost every one that used a come-along thinks about using one to secure a car or some other heavy object onto a trailer.  To most of the public that is the extent of the use, but it goes much deeper.  The truth is, they can be used in exactly the same way when out in the woods cutting down trees or building up a stock pile of firewood. Imagine that you need to cut a tree with a chainsaw and that you want to be certain that the tree falls in a certain direction. You can use the come along to attach it to a stationary object and then attach the other end to a rope which is pulled around the tree. Then you put tension on it so that it is pulled in that direction. That way, as you cut you can be sure that the tree will fall in the desired location. In addition, you can use come along to help you move large logs with far less manpower. It makes the entire job easier and less time consuming.

The truth is, there are a number of benefits to using a come along in conjunction with the chainsaw, especially if you do a lot of cutting. If you cut for a living, you may find yourself in a situation where you have several large logs or extremely heavy limbs that you need to clear after you have cut them. You can simply place these logs on some type of incline that allows them to slide and then use the come along to get them onto a trailer so they can be hauled away. It is much easier than trying to move things around using nothing more than your own strength when you are working against things that weigh far more than you do.

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Operational Safety

Come along’s are relatively easy to operate because the only thing you really have to do is attach one end to the object that needs to be pulled, while attaching the other end of the object to a stationary object such as a trailer. You can then use the lever on the come along to adjust the tension until you have the object where you want it or you have the tension adjusted to the desired level. Make sure to lock the come along in place once you have it where you want it.

Of course, come alongs are designed to help you move objects that are heavy and they are designed to secure objects that are equally as heavy. Therefore, there are always safety concerns that you have to be aware of so that you do not injure yourself or cause injury to someone else. The biggest concern is to ensure that everything is securely fastened and that it is done properly so that you cannot have chains or ropes coming loose and flying through the air. In other words, make sure that the come along is securely attached and make sure that the chain on the other end of the come along is surely attached to the object in question. It is equally important to ensure that everything is locked in place and that it is tight before you start to move anything.

A come along can provide effective solutions to many problems when it comes to moving heavy objects. In fact, it is one of the most economical and most effective tools that you can hope to find. That is why they are so often used. They give you the power to move objects that you would never be able to move on your own. For these reasons, it is a tool that you should have at your disposal at all times and it is one that you should be familiar with using safely.

Whether you are a professional logger or a weekend firewood gatherer, knowing how does a come along work can be instrumental in time, money and safety.