How to Use A Come Along Tool Winch

How to Use A Come Along Tool Winch

Knowing how to use a come along tool can be very helpful in your daily routine or profession.  A come along tool is a mechanical hand operated tool. It is a convenient and very portable tool. Like the chainsaw, there are various types and forms of come along tools. They are made for different purposes and each design is specifically made to withstand a certain weight level.

A come along tool comes in handy especially for a firewood gatherer. Loading big chunks of wood onto a truck or trying to get a tree to fall in a specific direction can be a difficult job for a single person but one can improvise and use a come along tool to do this job. This tool can also be used by the land owners to pull tree stumps from the ground. Uprooting a tree stump by hand sounds like a scene from a superhero movie but thanks to the come along tool it has become a reality.

Using A Come Along

The main parts of the come along tool is a cable, the handle, hooks and the levers that enable the adjusting of the cable.  The operator has the option of using a single rig set up or a double rig set up. He or she is supposed to attach one end of the come along to a stationary object and the other end to the tree stump (or what ever you are trying to move). It is advisable to carry out the set up using chains in order to secure the come-along to the object to be moved instead of doing a direct connection.

Pumping the handle of the come-along is the next step as it tightens the cable which pulls the roots of the stump from the ground. Some safety measures are supposed to be adhered to when handling the come-along. When pumping the handle and the cable is tightened one should place an item such as a chain or tarp on the cable so that in case it snaps and produces a snap back the majority of the force is absorbed in the chain or tarp and not the operator.

The owner of the come-along is expected to regularly consult the manufacturer on the maintenance of the come-along in order to keep up the tool’s safety factor. A firewood gatherer who intends to do a great job should be in possession of both a chainsaw and a come along tool as these two tools provide the best results when used together.

Come Along Power Pullers

Chainsaws and Come-Along’s

Using a come along is an indispensable tool when it comes to cutting down trees with a chain saw. Know how to use a chainsaw is very important. This is because in one way or the other the chainsaw makes life easier. This tool is in a league of its own as it makes work easier for its users. The chainsaw is used for both professional and recreational purposes. However, as much as the chainsaw is highly valuable it’s equally deadly. It is no secret that, when handled carelessly the chainsaw can turn out to be a weapon to be dreaded. When buying a chainsaw from a manufacturer, the buyer has the options of acquiring a gas-powered chainsaw, an electric chainsaw or a pole saw.

Using the chainsaw requires some level of skill and a bit of experience with the tool. Ordinary firewood gatherers have discovered that cutting down a tree is not an easy task. It is more of an art than a chore. A well maintained chainsaw makes the task of cutting down trees for firewood to be enjoyable. It is a prudent thing for a firewood gatherer who is not familiar with the functionality of a chainsaw to get prior training or instructions regarding the safety of the chainsaw from the manufacturer. This would reduce his likelihood of getting injured by the chainsaw. Nonetheless, a chainsaw by itself cannot complete the whole exercise of cutting down trees and loading the trunks on a tuck. One requires supplementary tools in order to have a successfully and efficiently completed exercise.  This is where a come along can help with cutting down trees and moving them.

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