Most Expensive Chainsaw

Most Expensive Chainsaw

Does expensive always mean good quality?  While its true that demand feeds supply, now and then you find people willing to take advantage of a low supply to jack up prices.  Does the same thing happen with chain saws?  The good news is that their are a ton of professional grade chain saws on the market right, enough to pick our way through the chaff and select the top most expensive chain saws available.  So for this list, the most expensive chain saws are worth the price asked for (and maybe a bit more).

Whether you are a professional arborist, a professional logger, you own a landscaping business or maybe you are a weekend firewood warrior like myself, having a quality, budget breaking chainsaw is totally worth it.  What ever saves me time, which ends up saving me money is going to be worth the investment.  So without further ado, here are the top chain saws that are worth every penny.

PS-7910 W Gasoline chain saw

The PS-7910 W Gasoline chain saw is a power saw made specifically for professional users. It is lightweight and sturdy which is exactly what any expert operator needs. This machine has been proven to work very well in forestry work that does not require a lot of efforts like tree stripping and felling. It has a displacement of and a power rating of 4.3 kW. The fuel tank capacity is 0.75 liters whereas the oil tank has a capacity of 0.42 liters.

This power saw comes accompanied by an engine that has a maximum speed 12,800 rpm. Matters weight related to weight are well taken care of. It only weighs 7.1 kilos. The oil pump is automatic and it is well known for being efficient on the consumption. The engine is also made in such a way that it does not emit a lot of smoke therefore being environmentally friendly.  And amazing saw all the way around.

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Husqvarna 395XP Chainsaw (94cc) with Full Wrap Handlebar

Every professional logger will find this power saw very ideal. It belongs to Husqvarna’s last generation of power saws that were large and made specifically for professionals. This machine is designed to endure the most vigorous and demanding conditions anyone working with it may come into contact with. This model beats all others in uniqueness because it has a more aggressive clutch, a more rugged handle and a wider clutch that is designed to disperse off wood chips more efficiently.

Because of it’s improved power and balance, this power saw has the ability to saw longer bar lengths. The operator is also equipped with a lot of flexibility when cutting because it is equipped with a better full wrap handle bar. Any pro logger who wants a beast and an efficient one for this matter will find this power saw very effective.

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PS-7310 Gasoline Chain Saw

This machine is made with the pro logger in mind as well. Everyone in need of an efficient power saw for forestry work that does not require a lot of efforts will find it very appropriate. It comes accompanied by a displacement of 72.66 cc and a power rating of 4.1 kW. This power saw’s maximum engine speed is 12,800 rpm. It weighs 6.7 kilos and comes with a fuel tank that has a capacity of 0.75 liters.

Compared with other brands and models, this machine uses 15% less fuel with a filter maintenance that requires no tools. When in use, it does not heat up the handle too much. The adjustable oil pump can be easily disabled when the engine is idle. It also has subtle emissions which makes this power saw one of the most environmentally friendly power saws on the market today.

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Husqvarna 372 XP 71cc 5.3hp 2 Stroke 24″ Gas Powered Chain Saw

This power saw is tailor made for the professional. It comes loaded with a grade saw that is strong enough to handle high speed when under heavy loads. When a logger is about to go to the most demanding tree felling, this is an ideal machine to go with. It has a crankshaft and crankcase that are extremely heavy duty to work in the most complicated environments.  Huskies also have a the best chainsaw chain brand.

On the other hand, it’s carburetor has a vibration dampening feature that makes sure that it efficiently handles high speeds and loads. Not many saws on the market can easily combine rapid acceleration, high speed, and lightweight at the same time and deliver outstanding results like this one. Many loggers who have used this machine for a long time describe it as highly reliable and economical.

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GreenWorks Pro 80V 18″ Chainsaw

This bundle consists of four different components. The power saw is the highest in voltage strength in the industry being capable of delivering up to 150 cuts when a 2ah battery is fully charged. The machines motor that is brushless can give a performance only comparable to a gas powered machine. It has a handle that has a durable handle that is wrapped with metal, an electronic chain brake for safety when operating as well as steel bucking spikes.

The lithium batteries, on the other hand, provide the highest amount of cordless power. They serve for a durable period after just one hour of charge. On the other hand, the charger is easy to mount, compatible with different models as well as being able to charge quickly for a 30 minutes 2 Ah battery.

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We hope this list of reviews will help you in making a decision when your looking for the most expensive chainsaw.  We tried to include a chainsaw from every major class; battery powered and good old traditional gas powered saws.