Ryobi 40v Pole Saw

Ryobi 40v Pole Saw

Ryobi specializes in mostly outdoor power tools of both the AC and DC variants.  What really makes them shine is their one battery system that can be used in over 50 tools, including the Ryobi 40v pole saw.  Being able to use the same battery among a plethora of devices gives an extreme flexibility along with keeping your budget on the ground.

Ryobi 40-Volt and 24-Volt Cordless Pole Saw Attachment

This pole saw is an attachment and not a standalone product.  This pole saw attachment can fit most 40v or 24v Ryobi devices.  The 8 inch blade will allow you to cut branches to about 6 inches in diameter.  Unofficially we were able to cut branches up to about 8 inches in diameter.  The pole itself is about 8 feet long allowing you to get most branches, but you will still need a ladder for anything higher.

Battery life while using the pole saw is good and since the saw cuts so fast we were able to get the few branches that needed to be pruned cut without much of an issue.

The only complaint we have is that the saw feels very top heavy which can be a problem after prolonged use.  But the weight of the battery seems to balance everything out.

Overall this is an amazing pole saw, great quality and powerful.  Get it now for only$90 dollars on Amazon.

Ryobi 40-Volt Lithium-ion Battery

The heart of the Ryobi empire could be considered their one stop all battery system.  This by far is the best selling point of this brand.  This battery can be used in all of Ryobi’s 40v lithium ion tools, takes about 2 hours to recharge, has a 3 year warranty and comes in at around $130 dollars.

The only complaint we had was how heavy the battery is.  These batteries are very dense pieces of technologies, which would be fine in a push power, but used in any other tool that involves aerial gardening combat and your arms will get tired quickly.

Like most battery operated equipment it’s always smart to have a few extra battery’s either in the charger or on standby while you’re doing your work.  The biggest complaint people have about battery operated equipment is that they do not hold up to corded counterparts, which is true in some aspects, but if your smart and strategic on how you use your battery then this should not be an issue.

Ryobi 40 Volt Lithium-ion Charger

What good is a battery without a charger?  The Ryboi lithium-ion charger is specifically designed to charge Ryobi 40v batteries.  This charger can charge a battery in about an hour (quick charge), or about an hour and a half for a full charge.  Find this charger on sale right  now for about $42 dollars.  A battery does not come with this charger.

I always have a spare battery in the charger as I’m working and as soon as the battery that I’m using starts to lose power I swap them.  If your going to have a Ryobi, you might as well have a spare battery in the charger ready to go.

The problem with most chargers is that they don’t shut off after the battery has been fully charged, which damages and shortens the life of the battery.  You should not have that problem with this charger as it’s designed to shut down automatically when a full charge is detected.

Ryobi 40 Volt Blower

If your going to be doing any tree trimming or pruning, you’re going to be left with a pile of branches to clean up.  Once the branches are out of the way your going to have a mess of leaves and what better way to use that interchangeable 40v battery than in a Ryobi leaf blower?

Like most Ryobi products, this unit runs from their 40 volt lithium-ion batteries and can blow up to 150mph.  It does not come with a battery.  Find it now for about $105 dollars.

On full charge you should be able to run this blower for about 30 minutes before its starts to losenpower.  Great for leaves and grass clippings.

GreenWorks G-MAX 40V Li-Ion 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw, 2AH Battery and a Charger Inc.

Not to be bias, Ryobi creates fantastic tools, but for the sanity of fairness were showcasing another alternative to the Ryobi pole saw.   This GreenWorks cordless pole saw could give them a run for their money.   For $170 dollars you can get one of these with a battery and a charger.  Like Ryobi’s version, this pole saw also runs from a 40v battery using Li-ion technology.

What really sets this pole saw apart from Rybois is the price and quality.  For about $170 you can get this saw along with a battery and charger.  Your going to pay that much just for Ryboi’s battery and charge. This GreenWorks saw comes with very high praise and is one of the highest reviewed items on our list.

Ryboi is king when it comes to the one battery interchangeable system between power tools and has some of the best battery operated equipment in the market.  The Ryobi 40v Pole Saw is a powerful piece of technology that is worth every penny as long as you have the right tools to go along with it.