Top 5 Highest Rated Chainsaws

Top 5 Highest Rated Chainsaws

We review a lot of different chain saws on this site and through the myriad of brands, prices and types we saved a special list of chains saws for a special review page, this page.

We wanted to go through and find the highest rated chainsaws for each category; electric, battery operated and traditional gas powered.  We are quite happy with the final reviews and had some surprising results.

1. WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw, 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp

This modestly priced electric chainsaw ($95 dollars) cranks out 3.5 HP. While it’s strong enough to fell a tree with ease, it utilizes electric rather than gas power, making it easier to use and less messy during the startup process.

Added bonuses include a tool free chain replacement, an automatic oiler, an auto tensioning system, auto chain lubrication and a built in safety chain brake. This is a turnkey chainsaw if ever there was one. No need to mix fuel, oil or gas and no need to flush old gas and inhale unhealthy fumes before each use. A great deal of power comes humming out as soon as you plug the WORX WG303.1 in and the auto control features make for a safer sawing experience. This amazing chainsaw ships in just two days and is surprisingly lightweight considering its high power capacity. It’s highly recommended for novices and pros and it’s equipped to handle even the toughest tasks.

2. Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chain Saw 60cc

If you want the full power of a gas saw without the headache of tough startups and messy cleanups, the Husqvarna 460 24-inch or 20-inch rancher chainsaw has exactly what you’re looking for.

Key features include a centrifugal air cleaning system and a patented x-torque engine designed to drastically reduce fuel consumption and emission. This is a safer, cleaner version of the classic 2 stroke. It was built to handle endless hours of hardcore lumber jacking .

Comparatively speaking, the Husqvarna 460 rancher chain saw is significantly higher in price than the aforementioned however; a six month financing option is available for anyone considering making the purchase. Since this saw has the ability to reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% and promises a longer shelf life when compared to most other chain saws of this caliber, the savings could easily outweigh the upfront cost.  Its well worth $490 dollars.

3.  Remington RM5118R Rodeo 18-Inch 51cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

Remington has been in business for years for good reason. They’ve been building long lasting power tools since 1921. The RM5118R Rodeo 18-Inch 51cc 2-Cycle, one of their more recent efforts, is in high demand for all of the following reasons:

  • It’s price effective — at just under $200 dollars with free shipping, this model is the perfect medium priced chainsaw on the market.
  • It’s comfortable to carry — lightweight and easy to maneuver, it also features a nifty anti-vibration mechanism that makes sawing much less stressful
  • It sports pro-grade components
  • It’s extremely powerful — the 51cc engine is great for serious wood cutting
  • It features a convenient switch start
  • It comes enclosed in a heavy duty chainsaw case

The Rodeo is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a medium priced power tool from a trust worthy company that’s built for a great deal of wear and tear.

4. Husqvarna 445 18-Inch 45.7cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw

This handheld two stroke features pretty much everything Husqvarna is known for from its highly proficient air cleaning system to its x-torque engine, to a longstanding warranty that will definitely come in handy in the event of an unforeseen incident. Add to the reduced gas omission and approximately 20% less fuel consumption the fact that this version is incredibly lightweight and you can see why it’s worth the $319.95retail price.

Components like the air filter and the spark plug are easy to reach and the 2.8 hp engine makes for a clean cut through trees, lumber and shrubbery. Fuel mixing won’t pose a problem despite the fact that this is a gas powered machine. Premixed fuel is available for this particular make and model chainsaw which is agile and powerful for its compact size.

5. Oregon PowerNow CS250 40-volt Chain Saw with 4.0 Ah Battery Pack

If your dream saw is neither gas powered nor electronically operated, the Oregon PowerNow is your ideal pick. What makes this saw distinct is its battery driven approach. The PowerNow runs off of a 4.0 AH battery pack. What that means for you is that it’s:

  • Quiet (approximately four times quieter than most gas powered chainsaws and completely silent during down time)
  • Predictable— No guesswork necessary when it comes to the capacity of this unique saw. Each battery charge allots for 400 branches worth of slicing and dicing
  • The Easiest Saw on the Market in Terms of Startup — with the PowerNow, you needn’t mix or insert fuel, pull or crank to start, wait for amicable weather or endure the omission of harsh fumes

This battery powered chainsaw is loaded with safety features. It’s easy to clean carry, store and care for. It’s definitely an optimal choice.  Find it now for about $345 dollars.

I personally love my gas powered chainsaws, but after reviewing the Oregon PowerNow I may have to switch, that thing is a beast.