Top 5 Husqvarna Trimmer Attachments

Top 5 Husqvarna Trimmer Attachments

Husqvarna is a name brand leader when it comes to quality chain saws, but did you know they build more than just chain saws?   The Husqvarna Group was founded in 1689 and is currently headquartered out of Stockholm, Sweden.  They have been producing powered equipment since about 1959 and Husqvarna trimmer attachments are some of the best.   Just about all Husky products are good solid quality products, always highly praises and reviewed.

In this article we review the top five trimmer attachments that can be used with most Husky trimmers.  Not all trimmers are built the same, always check with your manufactures guide to ensure these attachments will work with your equipment.

Husqvarna Trimmer Attachment

This trimmer attachment offers high quality results through its exceptional balance and durability. This weed-eater attachment uses .095 line and is perfect for the trimming the areas where the mower had missed or was not able to enter.

This attachment is very light at about 8 lb.’s which allows for long use if you have a large area that needs to trimmed or cleared.  If you have ever used a weed-eater before you know how easily you can get tired, but this attachment seems to be perfectly balanced to allow long run times with very little fatigue.

This trimmer attachment is inexpensive and can fit many different Husky trimmer models, most LD and LDX models. The attachment works particularly well with the 128LDX model.

Overall this is a fantastic trimmer accessory to add to your Husky arsenal and works well in conjunction with your lawn mower to keep your property looking clean and pristine .

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Husqvarna Heavy Duty Cultivator Attachment

Originating from Sweden, this product is fantastic gardening tool to have in your gardening tools collection.  Perfect for the garden or tilling a new piece of ground, this powerful cultivator will help prepare the most stubborn ground for planting.  What we loved most about this attachment is its versatility.  We have owned larger standalone cultivators which are large and bulky and not easy maneuverable.   Not this, since it fits as an attachment to your Husky device and is easy to move around, in and our garden boxes.

This cultivator attachment is heavy duty that will ensure durability throughout the process of cultivating. This item will make it easy to prepare gardens without needing the use of a spade or a large amount time. Weighing under 8.5 pounds, this attachment ensures perfection and comfort when using it. This specialty tool has a strong gear ratio that can be used for heavy duty purposes. This attachment fits several different Husky models, mostly LD and LDX’s.

If you have a garden or need to prepare some new ground for planting, this is the tool to have.

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Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer Attachment

This hedge trimmer attachment is a light weight blade that works well as a trimmer attachment with your Husky. The 21-inch dual-sided blade is perfect for heavy duty trimming in the yard. If needing to reach farther, this attachment also includes a 33-inch boom.

Engineered to be light and balanced (6 pounds), you can use this attachment for hours before ever fatiguing or cramping up in the arms.  This attachment is the perfect fit to the 128LDX String Trimmer which will make the hedges and bushes in the backyard look better than ever.

We did have a complaint about this hedge trimmer, some assembly is required and the instructions could have been a little more detailed.

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Husqvarna Heavy Duty Edger Attachment

Fitting many different Husky trimmer models, this heavy duty edger is great for manicuring your walk ways or edges around your property. The functions that make this edger of high quality are the clean edges it makes when used as well as being extremely durable. One of the best features of this product is that a replaceable wear guard is provided that is used for protecting gearbox. This attachment is especially well paired with the 125LDX which creates the finest edges with little to no effort put in.

Weighing only 5 pounds makes this attachment incredible lightweight and easy to use. This tough and durable piece of equipment is popular among garden enthusiasts for its maneuverability as well has the high quality features that are used to create a beautiful garden and lawn.

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Husqvarna Pole Saw Attachment

This heavy duty pole saw can help homeowners reach and prune those unwanted dead or diseased limbs and branches from any tree. Without even having to use a ladder, this is the safer and more effective option to pruning trees and bushes. This particular attachment is perfect for several LDX model String Trimmer that is both affordable and durable.

This piece of equipment is easy to attach onto the trimmer and easy to use immediately afterwards. Without having to bend over or standing tiptoe, this pole saw attachment offers easy access to diseased limbs or aesthetically unpleasing branches.  This attachment is a reach of about 8 feet when in full use.  For higher limbs you still may need a ladder.

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Husqvarna is known for good quality equipment, which includes Husqvarna trimmer attachments products.  No matter the garden, lawn or tree trimming job, Husky has got you covered.   Though sometimes this brand tends to be a little more expensive than others, their history of producing high caliber equipment speaks for itself.