Top 5 Worx Bar and Chain Oil

Top 5 Worx Bar and Chain Oil

Nothing will extend the life of your saw better than using a good bar and chain oil.  Most bar and chain oils are petroleum based.  If you have a Worx chain saw, pole trimmer or any other Worx product that needs bar and chain oil you have come to the right place.  We have selected the top five best chain oils for your Worx bar and chain oil needs.

Worx was first introduced in 2004, specializing in mowers, trimmers, chain saws and other garden tools.  As of this writing they have yet to produce there own brand of chain oil, so your stuck looking to third party brands for that.

There are lot of good brands of bar and chain oil out there and a lot of bad ones.  Most chain oil brands are built to be used solely within their brand of chain saws.   Some others like Oregon thrive in all the different brands of saws and in some cases are better than the OEM bar and chain oils that come with your devices.

Oregon Chain Saw Bar And Chain Oil

The Oregon Saw Chain Manufacturing Corporation was created in 1947 starting with only one product and four employees.  Since then they have become world renown for the quality of products they produce, one of them being a current top seller on Amazon and best overall rated; Bar and Chain Oil.

The  beauty of this bar and oil is that it’s practically universal and can be used in many different devices, even most Worx chain saws.


  • Oil is formulated to give low friction which increases cutting time and reduces your down time.
  • The oil itself is very tacky with a high film strength.  Which means its going to stick to your saw chain which will prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Another feature of Bar and Chain oil is its ability to reduce pitch and sap build it, which this brand excels at.
  • Higher viscosity can help to prevent oil leaks.


  •  Were grasping for straws here because we could not find any issues with this stuff.  Great bar and chain oil all the way around.


HUSQVARNA FOREST & GARDEN Gallon Chain Saw Bar/Chain Oil

Husqvarna brand has become synonymous with chains saws.  Most people are either in one camp or another but here at Pro Chainsaw Authority we are Husky lovers at heart for many good reasons.  One of the products they produce is an excellent bar and chain oil.  Works great in Husky chain saws, but also in other brand of saws as well (Worx).


  • This particular bar and chain oil was formulated to be a little more tacky than other oils.  This ensures that the oil stays on the chain and not thrown off into your working area during operation.
  • Specially formulated to reduce bar and chain heat during operation.  We all know how hot chains can get, if that’s a problem for you, then you should try this oil.
  • Best seller in multiple categories on Amazon.


  • Bottle could have been designed better to prevent spillage.  I think I have put as much oil in my saws as I have onto the ground when trying to pour this stuff.  Could easily be remedied with a funnel.
  • While its does say Forest & Garden, don’t let that fool you, this bar and chain is still petroleum based.


Poulan Pro Bar and Chain Oil

The Poulan brand had its grass roots back in 1944.  They have since made a name for them selves selling everything from riding lawn mowers, tillers, trimmers to chain saw products and more.  Poulan has a myriad of mid level power tool equipment that utilizes a balance between quality and the budget minded.  Another Poulan fun fact; the chain saw used in the classic movie “The Texas Chain saw Massacre” was a poulan 245a.  Fun times.

This bar and chain oil is formulated to work in Poulan Pro products but like most bar and chain oils can be used in other brands, even Worx products.


  • A best seller on Amazon in multiple categories.
  • Its bar and chain oil, it works.
  • Competitively Priced.
  • Has a red dye included so its easier to see on the chain.


  • Works best at higher temperatures, does not do as well in the cold.


Tanaka Commercial Grade Bar & Chain Oil

I keep thinking Tonka trucks when I see this name, no relations.  The Tanaka company is a fourth generation family owned company that first specialized in the Bike Bug Bolt-on motors for bicycles.  They have since moved on to hand held powered out door equipment.  This also includes bar and chain oils for their brand of chain saws.

This particular bar and chain oil is a little more expensive than some of the others on this list and for good reason.  Its specially designed for commercial and industrial chain saws.  If you’re a professional and need a great quality oil for your chain, this is the stuff to get.


  • Not as weather dependent as some of the other oils on this list, this is designed to be used year around.
  • Formulated with a high tackiness and no sling additive which helps keep the oil on the chain, which will improve how well the saw will cut.
  • The increased tackiness of the oil helps prevent rust.
  • Has a 90 day Warranty
  • Works great on Worx electric chain saws


  • This bar and chain oil is heavier than most other chain oils and even some motor oils.  Check with your saws manufacture to ensure that this oil will work for you.


Echo Power Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil – 1 Quart

Echo launched their first chain saw in 1960 and since then has broadened their product base to include brush cutters, trimmers, blowers and numerous other hand held power devices. Echo chains saws are amazing, we just go done with an Echo chainsaw review.

Echo has a lot of experience in the field which as allowed them to fine tune their products to customer expectations, which includes creating brand name bar and chain oils.  Fortunately for us non Echo power device users, this oil works great is several other chain saw brands including Worx.


  • This oil is thicker than standard bar and chain oil but still flows well after being heated up through use.
  • Very Tacky, will do a great job sticking to your chain saw chain.


  • Your mileage will vary with this chain oil.  It seems to be a hit or miss for most brands of saws.  It will either work great or it will not.


While a Worx bar and chain oil does not exist, yet, there are many other brand bar and chain oils that will work just fine. Always use the best to keep your saws running longer and cutting sharper.

** Always check with your manufacture to make sure that you can use non brand name bar and chain oil on your saw chain.  It’s also prudent to double check to make sure what kind of oil your chain saw chain can use.  Not all oils are the same.  SAE 30 Weight Oil is not the same as standard Bar and Chain Oil.

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  1. You have got to be kidding me. Sthil makes the best quality of bar and chain oil. I won’t argue that there are some other decent bar and chain oils, but I don’t believe you can beat Sthil. Suggest it be evaluated and you will see it setting at the very top of the list year after year.

  2. I bet all of those oils are produced in the same factory and put in different bottles. The Stihl oil is good, however i find that locally getting a 55 gallon drum of premium red bar and chain oil is the best I have ever used, I don’t really know the brand my dealer gets it somewhere locally and its what he bottles in 1 gallon jugs and sells, it is thick and tacky sticks to the chain really good.

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