Top Battery Powered Pole Chain Saws

Top Battery Powered Pole Chain Saws

Battery powered pole chain saws tend to get a bad reputation because they are battery based. With the recent advancements in battery technology that is no longer the case. Many battery powered saws can be just as powerful (and dangerous) as there corded or gas cousins. The biggest drawback is the battery of course, you get a tradeoff for the mobility it gives VS being able to run all day long. But if you keep a few batteries charged and ready to go, this should not be a problem.

Most of the tree trimmers you will find are corded, which results in poor mobility. If you need to trim a few branches around your house, then using an electric pole chain saw with an extension cord will do just fine, but if you are needing to get a little further from your house then a battery operated tree trimmer is the way to go.

There are three attributes to look for when it comes to battery operated pole chain saws:

  1. Power. How long will the battery last and will it be powerful enough for the job.
  2. Stand Alone or Attachment. Either something I could attach to my weed trimmer or a pole saw built specifically just for trimming trees.
  3. Mid-Level Price. I’m not looking for the most expensive or the cheapest trimmers on the market. I still want good quality for the money I will spend.

OREGON 40-Volt Max Cordless Pole Saw

This saw is a beast and our current top pick!  Like most Oregon brand products, the craftsmenship of this pole saw is next to none.  It’s easy to forget that it is battery operated.

This saw currently retails for about $255 dollars and is worth every penny.  The 40v lithium battery is a monster and should be able to last through about 500 cuts on branches up to three inches thick.  That is insane and almost puts this on level with some mainstream gas powered pole saws.

The pole can be extended up to 15 feet, which is the longest of any of the battery pole saws we looked at.

The only major complaint that seems to be common with a lot of customers was the battery being dead on arrival.  We did not have this problem.

This is one of the top battery pole saws on the market.  If you want the best, this is it.

Black and Decker 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Pole Saw

This is the highest rated battery powered pole saw on the market right now.  Multiple extensions allow you to reach from about 6 feet to 14 feet.  You can cut branches with diameters up to about 6 inches.

The battery on this saw is 20 volts, which allows about 100 cuts of 1.5 inch branches per charge. That leads us to one of our only complaints.  While the battery is charged this pole saw is a beast.  It took about 8 hours to fully charge the battery, but we only get about 15-25 minutes of real use out of it.  The battery does come with a quick 30min charge option.

Like most battery operated devices it is recommended to always have a spare battery on hand, or at least one in the charger while the other is in use.

You can find in on sale right now for about $135 dollars.

Black & Decker 18-Volt Cordless Electric Pole Chain Saw

This stand alone battery operated pole saw measures up to 14 feet allowing you to get those high branches without having to use a ladder.  The motor is much smaller than some of the competitors, which allows better visuals on what your actually cutting.

The battery takes between 3 to 9 hours to fully charge.  Like its bigger brother, this saw also can cut up to 100 times on a full charge. That’s anywhere between 15-30 minutes depending on use and what your trying to prune.

Like any other pole chain saw, these types of saw still require chain oil.  Don’t be alarmed if the chain is a little loose after the first use, this is normal with all kinds of chain saws.

WORX 20-volt Max Lithium Cordless Chainsaw with Extension Pole

This battery operated pole saw is, unique.  First off, you can reach branches up to 12 feet away.  Great for smaller types of jobs although you still may need to use a ladder for higher branches.  What makes this saw unique is the guard cover for the saw.  At first glance this poll saw likes like it could have come out of the Triassic period right with another dinosaur.  This guard actually is one of the best features of this saw as it helps you stay on the branch your trying to cut.

The battery takes up to 12 hours to charge, which was very surprising compared to the other models.  The battery lasts anywhere between 15min to 30min under prolonged use.  It just depends on what you’re doing with it.

Our biggest complaint was extending the pole.  It takes some time to put together and the lock pin (made of plastic) could have been built a little better.  It gives the pole an overall flimsy feeling (after extended).

Not a bad gas powered replacement.  You can find this saw for about $220 dollars.

Earthwise CPS40108 8-Inch 18 Volt Cordless Pole Saw

One of the smallest of our battery operated pole saws, this saw has a max reach of about 9 feet.  The pole is telescopic, which means that it falls into itself which makes for easy storage.  We were really impressed with the build quality, not bad for only $80 dollars.  Be warned, this pole saw does require some assembly when you receive it.

The battery will last about 20min from a full charge.  Its always a good idea to tag team with another battery for prolonged use.

Our biggest complaint with this pole saw is how heavy it is.  With the battery the saw is close to 13 pounds, which can put a strain on your back if your not used to tree trimming.

There are a lot of fantastic battery pole saws on the market, we tried to cover the top five. I personally have owned several battery powered pole chain saws and never had much of an issue with them, besides normal wear and tear. I find that if I keep some spare batteries charged and ready to go, I have no problem finishing any job I start.