What Is a Come Along Winch Tool

What Is a Come Along Winch Tool

A come along tool, also known as a power puller, is a handheld which can conveniently pull and lift objects to desired locations using a ratchet and winch system. This tool is instrumental in many different situations such as logging, putting up a fence or pulling something really heavy to a desired location.  The come-a-long was first designed and used in 1919 by Abraham Maasdam and has since gone through many different iterations.

There are different models of come along tools available. A few come along tool models are the strap, rope, and wire cable. Each come along tool model has different specifics and advantages. All hooks are made of steel along with other steel parts that are plated heavily.

Come Along Uses

The come along can be used with additional levers and pulleys to turn most two or three man jobs into one. This device is wonderful when it comes to putting up fences. It allows the wires to be tighten while putting the fence up making the entire process easier. It is also used by farmer to help remove tough tree roots.

When removing a tree root with a come along tool you need to take one of the cables and attach it to the root. You then take the other cable and attach it to an object that is stationary. Then you can proceed to turn the crank lever. You may want to loosen the dirt so it is easier to remove the tree stump. If you are not trying to remove the entire root then you may saw to separate the root and then pull the piece up you desire to be gone. Make sure the cable is tightened when you go to pull the tree root out the ground. It is a good idea to wrap the cable around the root twice for stability. This will make sure that the cable does not slip. The cable should also be secured by taking the hook and hooking it around the cable.  For safety purposes, always wear protective gear and stand aside as you use the turn the crank lever.

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How It Works

A come-along is equipped with a cog with a catch. The catch should always be engaged for safety purposes. There is a latch that makes itself remove from the hinge when there is full tension. The tension can be removed by using a level and relieving the tension in the cord. The cable should be released approximately half a notch. When the notch is released the lever then proceeds to fit in various notches to keep it from slipping. There is another level available that allows you to switch the way the ratchet winds itself up or unwinds. When using the come along tool it allows you to create leverage.

Depending on the type and construction, a come along tool allows many tons of pressure to be applied to the object being moved. To wind the cable up, use the ratchet wheel and lever. The pulley is moveable and this allows the weight to be shifted. When the weight is shifted it allows the object being moved to decrease by half. The length of the lever helps determine the different mechanical advantages.

Come Along Safety

When working with a come along tool it is best to use gloves. Gloves will protect your hands from the wires and cables that can easily cut your hands. It is also ideal to make sure you where safety glasses. The safety glasses can prevent debris and other foreign object from getting in your eyes.  While a come along does give the advantage of being able to move large objects yourself, its always a good idea to have someone else help you for safety reasons.  The forces emitted on the lines between the objects that your trying to move can be immense, creating a dangerous situation if the line breaks.  Always use common sense, never stand in between or over the lines.

So now you know what is a come along winch tool, how its used and some benefits.  Owning your own come along has lots of advantages and can help make your next project simpler.